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Postby Nalkin » 18 Sep 2017, 23:45

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Character name: Nalk
Character class: Hunter
Character level: 96 (should be 110 by weeks end)
Your age: 25

Armory link for your character: ... dhoof/nalk

Why are you applying to The Awakening?
I've recently came back to my hunter after transferring away from Bloodhoof in legion (with me not playing Panda/Draenor) to assist my RL friends in their guild operations (we managed to achieve 1/9 Mythic, with a full HC clear pre-nerf). I've tried, to no avail, to retrace my steps in terms of friends and guilds re Bloodhoof; the only friend I managed to remember was Bouchard, but he apparently isn't raiding hardmode content with his guild currently. I'm looking to reconnect with the Bloodhoofians and reconnect with my hunter, with this being WoW I thought a competently skilled social group could only be a bonus! I've also been informed by Myra that a few former NoS'ers are present in the guild, which may alleviate some of my Bloodhoof related memory issues.

What was your previous guild/s?
I used to raid with Gatekeepers back at level 60 on my hunter, which went under the name "Actions" at the time (if I recall correctly).
I rerolled priest during TBC, with the height of my achievements on which coming in Wrath - I was in a couple of raiding guilds during this time, the only one I can remember was NoS. The priests name was "Nalkin" if any of y'all have better memories than I apparently possess <3

For what reason did you leave your previous guild?
A hiatus from WoW.

What can you offer to The Awakening?
Years of raiding experience, a lol or two, and my Rhok'Delar transmog.

Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know).

I'm currently a student in the UK, studying International Politics. I liek turtels.

Raiding experience consists of the majority of Vanilla content, halting about half way through Naxx progression due to RL commitments; I mainly pvp'd during TBC, but experienced the content (although well after server firsts); I experienced all of Wrath content as a Holy priest (topping the meters, I might add :3). As I mentioned previously I didn't play during Panda/Draenor except to hit level cap. I returned to play Legion with a friend on Daggerspine (and then TheMaelstrom for a guild merger), with us getting up to 1/9 M -- 9/9 H.

I like WoW in a biological sort of way, with me getting cold sweats and withdrawals if I'm away for too long. An annual relapse is common. I've played numerous ways throughout my time on WoW, but the most enjoyment I've found was being part of teams progressing through content together whilst bantering (apologies in advance for using "bantering" in my application forgive me).


What raid experience do you have?:
Majority of competitive vanilla content.
Majority of TBC content (although not cutting edge).
Majority of competitive Wrath content.
Not much in regards to Panda/Draenor content.
Majority of Legion content thus far.

Primary raiding role eg. dps/healer:
Deeps on huntard at 60.
Heals on priest during TBC/Wrath.
Heals on shammy during the start of Legion, with a transition to DH deeps towards the end of Nighthold progression.

How do you rate your current gear and spec ?:
A strong 2/10, considering my hunter is currently 96.

Our raiding days are the following, from 19:45 (invite-time) untill 23:00 server time. Please note when you can attend (explain if needed):

Tuesdays: Able to attend.
Thursdays: Able to attend.
Sundays: Able to attend.

You need to be able to use Discord, are you?

I am indeed.

Re: Social Application - Nalk

Postby Jess » 19 Sep 2017, 17:25

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Hey Nalk,

We would love to offer you a social spot in the guild - please poke an officer when you are ready for an invite.

on behalf of the officer team
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