Postby Liquide » 20 Apr 2016, 19:11

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Location: Asten
Character name: liquide
Character class: priest
Character level: 100
Your age:<= exacly that, your age

Armory link for your character: (find it here ) ... ide/simple

Why are you applying to The Awakening?
don't know :P

What was your previous guild/s?
The awakening, highdawn

For what reason did you leave your previous guild?
After i got back from my holyday the guild raiders all left for a other realm so i stopped playing

What can you offer to The Awakening?
Headache and nausea from time to time.

Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know).
i know my gear is kinda low atm but i am willing to work on that and i totaly get that i can't realy raid mythic content with my current gear but when i get my gear to a decent lvl i would realy love to start raiding again with you guys
Raiding experience: Cleared all content except for the panda dream, no challange in that.


What raid experience do you have?: See before

Primary raiding role eg. dps/healer: Best as healer

How do you rate your current gear and spec ?: Crap, but pritty good, not raiding for half a year.

Our raiding days are the following, from 19:45 (invite-time) untill 23:00 server time. Please note when you can attend (explain if needed):

Tuesdays: Yup
Thursdays: Also
Sundays: Mostly not

You need to be able to use TeamSpeak, are you?
sure can.

Re: Liquide

Postby Crucifixion » 20 Apr 2016, 19:16

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What can you offer to The Awakening?
Headache and nausea from time to time.

lol that normaly applys only to yourself after a night of drinking and gaming :D but good to see you apply would be sweet to have you around again :D

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