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Character name:

Character class:
Warrior Fury

Character level:

Your age:

Armory link for your character: ... ock/simple

Why are you applying to The Awakening?
I have been in a lot of Raiding Guilds through the 6 years i have played and i really want to be in one that raids with a more serious tone. I pug most of the time the guild i was in before didn't have the stuff i wanted and never actually took the raiding serious. I hope The Awakening can be better. :)

What was your previous guild/s?
The Moonligthers - Kinda ok. Slow paced
The Saints - Horrible
The Missfits - No idea, was not online for 2 months and i was then kicked.
The Ultimate power - Tried myself didn't Work out as planned

For what reason did you leave your previous guild?
Didn't leave up to their promises and the guild felt more like a proberty than a community between the officers.

What can you offer to The Awakening?
I am a really passionate raider. I love it. I like huge numbers so i am always trying to approve to see them higher. So a great raider i would say myself :)
I am really good at healping out in dungeons and other stuff people need help with.

Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know).
Born and raised in Denmark. I have some school to attend to and then i play wow and have fun i guess. Simple life, not much is happening.

My Current raid experience is 7/13m with 13/13 hc and normal. I play warrior more supportive than others and take good use of my high Health to soak and take good use of my commanding shout to help out the healers in AoE situations and then my dps is not too bad :) Actually quite good :)


What raid experience do you have?:
My Current raid experience is 7/13m with 13/13 hc and normal. in WoD

Primary raiding role eg. dps/healer:
DPS Fury and then Arms DPS Warrior and then Prot TANK warrior. Can do pretty much all of them :)

How do you rate your current gear and spec ?:
729 full BiS Heroic Fury Warrior gear :)

Our raiding days are the following, from 19:45 (invite-time) untill 23:00 server time. Please note when you can attend (explain if needed):
Can attend all of the days just not to the full 23. So if i could join until 22 and then leave maybe 22:15´. Would be absolute amazing. I will not attend the Mythic Raids ofc because of the Raid ID :) I will respect that :)

Tuesdays: Check - to 22
Thursdays: Check - to 22
Sundays: Check - to 22

You need to be able to use TeamSpeak, are you?
I do have TeamSpeak and some good equipment too :)

\\Kris aka. Priolock

Re: Fury Warrior Application

Postby Skjold » 29 Aug 2016, 05:40

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Hey there Prio

Thank you for your application.

We are not able to accept your application though due to the current roster size and the fact that you cannot stay for the entire duration of the raids. We don't run a seperate heroic and mythic team.

There is a few pointers i would like to point out in your future search for a guild though.
You do not have the experience you state on your warrior, and i cannot seem to find any of your alts that have 7/13 mythic.
When you state you are in BiS gear then it seems odd when you dont have any focus on the Legion (both prepatch and the coming Legion) stat priorities. You might be aware of them - but without any note of why you have not changed anything coming from 6.2 to 7.0 it strikes as not keeping up to date.
Also stating you dont understand why a guild kicked you from going away 2 months, without giving any indication wether you had given notice or not - is something I find troublesome - looking from a raidleader perspectice. Being part of a raid team means just that - its a team where people depend on you. Again this can be a social guild, I dont know the guild.

Hope you find a new raiding guild that suits you. Good luck in your search.

Kind regards

on behalf of the officer team.

Re: Fury Warrior Application

Postby Kritix10 » 29 Aug 2016, 07:05

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For the experience part. 3/13m Live and 7/13 old PTR before pre-patch :)

For the guild kick. I did notice the current leader of the Missfits that i would go away for some time because of some Family problems.
For the preparing for the legion part. Do you care to elabroate? Because i have been using so much time on setting up new WeakAuras for Fury and how i get to lvl 110 fastest. The best traits i can pick for me artifact and so much more. I did not state ANY of this because i thought it was something that just came with being a serious raider in a raiding guild.

For the raiding part about seperate teams. I do understand that you only have one raid that goes as far as they can in Progress.. But i will just stop raiding when you hit Mythic. It's that simple. I do still think that i can give you something that others can't.


Re: Fury Warrior Application

Postby Skjold » 30 Aug 2016, 09:29

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Invited as a social :) welcome to the guild.

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