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Character name: Christoff
Character class: Paladin Retirbution Artifact max lvl
Character level: 110
Your age: 33

Armory link for your character: (find it here ) ... off/simple

Why are you applying to The Awakening?

I have been playing wow since launch day and i have been in a few guilds in my time but when coming to raiding guilds i simply stay in one place. However recently things have changed on the sense of something happening to either force me out or in guild drama that is has caused unrest with myself and forced me to look elsewhere.
I want to join the awakening mainly for a fresh start once again. I only know a couple of people Joshie and lukand i remember back in the protectorate days and a real life friend, has recently joined you as a social. But apart from that i have no other ties, and that way i can feel i make a new fresh start where i am not judged by certain people. I have a hard core raiding mind and like to progress and suceed, i see you guys are also in the same boat and im not sure if you are hard core or semi hard core but eitherway you go in, have fun which is the most important but you dont have players not following instructions or orders. You have people ready, pots, buffs etc where some guilds no one is prepared. Good old ilidan.

What was your previous guild/s?

I started my wow career in raiding with Imperial alliance for many years. I was with them from vanilla / BC / WOTLK. However during those raiding days in WOTLK players began to loose track, preparation, pots, food etc and it lost its format, its hardcoreness and its creativity and that forced me to look elsewhere, that was the day i joined......

Protectorate. I joined them at the end of WOTLK and i raied with them rest of the WOTLK and just as Cataclysm was about to come out my worst fear in my life happened. I lost my job, i had to go on benefits and that was also the same time as the England collapse with jobs. When labour took over from the conservative party and seriously messed up the country. There was no jobs around and i was out of work for 3 and a half years. I couldent afford my membership and with great disgust i had to cancel my subsription. Finally though after three years of job hunting and increasing my skills i managed to get a job before conservatives took over and managed to get back online. Great sorry again as protectorate had lost its maincore and i had to look elsewhere during Mists Of Pandaria.

Equinox, this was when i joined these guys as a few protectorate members had joined there. I raided hardcore once again, doing mythic difficulty completion in SOO and was a very happy man once again. I loved this guild and as we went into warlords of draenor, my blood was pumping when something hidious happned. Mires and Bonita had stolen all our hardcore members from Equinox and formed the favourite sin. This created a huge rift and the Equinox guild practically died overnight. As a result i joined favourite sin with the rest of the guys and was denied a raid spot. This hit me like a ton of bricks, i wont lie it hurt me that much i felt broken. I simply lost all fun in the game after getting it back with Equinox. I was even close to tears and decided to quit for good, or so i thought. I stayed away for almost a year when i managed to change to my current job. I landed a job at harwell nuclear research sites and became a nuclear worked in the decommission sector. This came with great risk but due to my long shifts and working days and nights i knew i wouldent be able to be hardcore again, but favourite sin destroyed that from me. Thats when i met.......

Lightwalkers, I have nothing bad to say about them. They took me in during the end of legion and i was not in a good place mentally. Mia and Grimbaz were my two heroes, they managed to repair the damage done that mires and bonita did to me by destorying Equinox and give me a new home. They allowed me to raid, despite my 12 hr shifts, days and nights. They gave me back my freedom to raid when i could. I felt alive, i felt like the game had purpose again and i had fun. Mia and Grimbaz i owe so much too and completed draenor with them and then into Legion. However due to drama and certain circumstances Mia i have heard has stopped playing and this broke my heart as she helped me and i couldent help her, hell i didnt even know about her. But in all, she has gone and Grimbaz i know deep down is in the same boat as me. Lightwalkers has lost its way with raiding and progressing. I feel this is due to certain players giving up or too many raiders not preparing or working to support the raid team. However my biggest gripe is when i turned up for a heroic raid and there was 14 people in the raid and i was not allowed to join due to it going to 15 and it would make the raid harder. I am not a bad player and i took great offence to that action and unfortuantly it has made me feel about my time there and want to move on. I cant handle a guild that will stop raiders joining because they only want a small team especially when they can take 30 people and it scales. No logic at all.

For what reason did you leave your previous guild?

At the moment i have not left lightwalkers, but i have posted the reason above and i do hope it is a satisfactory reason in your eyes. If you cant allow your raiders to raid and go with a below minimal setup just for the sake of getting a kill then that doesnt work in my eyes, especially if the player performs above average. Also i hate their dkp system as it isnt fair to people like myself that cant raid everyday and unable to get any dkp due to my shifts and dont get the upgrades i need to contribute. Despite this i still out performed many people with higher item lvl anyway.

What can you offer to The Awakening?

A hardcore minset raider that has been raiding all the way back to vanilla days. Some of you may remember me back then in imperial alliance and protectorate but then again there are so many players now, i dont know how many people from them days are still here. I am always ready with flasks, foodbuff and always ready if i am on raid day. I will be honest, working in the nuclear field i work 12 hr shifts, these shifts are from 7 in the morning to 7 at night or visa versa. This means i cant always raid everyday, i will put my hand up to that, but when i can i always provide 100%. I make mistakes , just like everyone else but they are always very limited. I never die to stupid stuff like standing in fire and my situational awareness is always excellent. I am also a mature person at the age of 33 and can take critiscm. Very easy going and will always try to help if i am able.

Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know).

I am a nuclear decommission worker. I wear haz suits like Gordon Freeman out of half life and have the nickname of homer simpson from Grimbaz from lightwalkers and my real life friends. Apart from that my main hobby is gaming. Yes i love playing wow or i wouldent be playing for x amount of years, but i also enjoy playing other games too like mass effect, other mmos etc. My past raiding experience has made me the person i am today, especially when playing wow. I like my raiding and i like accomplishing kills with a guild of people that all work together like a well accomplished football team. Although due to my job i am not able to perform what i used to back in the day where i was a officer in guilds and even a morale officer that would help members by talking to them in confidence and trying to help them mentally for the raids. It used to have a huge impact on progress believe it or not. However with that all said i still try to when i am online. I am shy talking on teamspeak or many communication programs as i have got pretty shy now as i got older and affected by previous guilds and situations that have happened too but that just makes me more determind and mindful when i actually do raid and focussed.


I used to have my screen cluttered with apps and addons, now i keep it to a few as i simply do not need them. All i need is boss mods and elvui. I dont clutter my screen with anything else. All i need is the must haves. :)

What raid experience do you have?:

Completed all Vanilla raids back in the day except naxx 40 man

Completed all TBC

Completed all WOTLK

Jobless during Cataclysm, i hear i didnt miss much.

Completed 2nd half of MOP Mythic

Completed all Draenor Heroic

Legion Completed all raids heroic up to nighthold 6 bosses so far.

Primary raiding role eg. dps/healer:

I am a retribution paladin and beleive i am good at it and push out above average dps. I have been a retribution since late TBC when retribution became a valid spec as the paladins were broken until then and holy was the only way to go. So during vanilla and 2/3 of TBC i was a holy paladin and i was exceptonal at it. However times have progressed and moved on and holy paladins is pretty alien to me now and to be honest my artifact has not even been powered up in the slightest with it.

My retribution artifact is fully powered up and my item level 900 or so. I can push out a large number of dps but have not tested to see what it actually is as i dont bother with addons apart from the most vital, ie boss mods.

How do you rate your current gear and spec ?:

I persoanlly think that my spec is decent enough to push out the desired requirements for both single target and aoe dps. The legendaries i have currently equiped is the trinket which i believe is one of the best ones followed by the belt. The belt adds 10% damage while avenging wrath is active and that can push out alot of damage as well as the fact that my with my current crit rating of around 30% and sufficent haste it means i can seriously deal out some nice damage. Also with both my holy slots that have more avenging wrath time that just buffs this damage. I dont think my spec is bad either, i know most people will go two on a pale horse to give more versatility but i think the death get out of jail free card helps incase i actually do make a mistake and die. Im usually always in the right place anyway so two pale horses are never needed during that moment.

Our raiding days are the following, from 19:45 (invite-time) untill 23:00 server time. Please note when you can attend (explain if needed):


I can raid all these days. But as mentioned above if im on night shifts then its not dooable. This is my current work scheduale and it works in a three week rotation.

Weeks 1 - Wed / Thurs / Fri
Week 2 - Mon / Tues - Thurs / Fri
Week 3 - Mon / Tues / Wed

Work from 7 till 7

First week is day shift, mon tues in week 2 is day shift, the others are nights. So if you look carefully, on day shifts i can raid but will be late slightly. Nightshift i cannot raid and i also get a free lockout where i dont work. So if the guild is flexible for those times then i am all good. However when on day shifts i would need a small afk to eat dinner as i wont of had it by the time i get home of course, not like my free lockout where i can eat before the raid begins.

You need to be able to use Discord, are you?

I do have a discord if it is needed as communications.

Anyway i hope i didnt bore you to death with all this information and jargon. No hard feelings if i am not welcome or wanted, im glad you all had the time to read it over and see what you think.

If i am unsuccessful, i wish you all the very best in the awakening and much progress.

All the best to you, peace out

Christoff aka Homer Simpson.
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Goodluck with your application m8
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Hey Christoff

I've added you on battlenet for a quick chat about our raiding policies - please give me a poke whenever you see me!


on behalf of the officer team
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Good Luck Old Timer :P
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Hey Christoff,

Thanks for the chat earlier - we would love to offer you a trial :)

Please poke an officer whenever you are ready for an invite!

on behalf of the officer team
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