[Accepted] Brútuz - Resto Shaman

Postby Brútuz » 18 Jun 2017, 18:36

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Character name: Brútuz
Character class: Restoration Shaman
Character level:110
Your age:27

Armory link for your character: (find it here http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/ )
Why are you applying to The Awakening?
I saw you guys are looking for a resto shaman, and thought why not ? Also your raid times fit me much better
What was your previous guild/s?
The Hidden Circle
For what reason did you leave your previous guild?
Your raid times are better for me
What can you offer to The Awakening?
Healing as a resto shaman, decent/good knowledge of shamans I think, almost always online and helpful player, I hope
Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know). I love healing, and that I'm disabled, have cleared everything up to Legion as far as I can remember.


What raid experience do you have?:
In Legion - 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV, 4/10 Mythic NH
Primary raiding role eg. dps/healer:
Healer (Resto Shaman)/Elemental Shaman
How do you rate your current gear and spec ?:
Could be better (as I only got RF version of the current set helm to replace the legendary one with, so I could use the resto boots and ring).
Our raiding days are the following, from 19:45 (invite-time) untill 23:00 server time. Please note when you can attend (explain if needed):All the days

Tuesdays:Always, unless otherwise specified
Thursdays:Always, unless otherwise specified
Sundays:Always, unless otherwise specified

You need to be able to use Discord, are you?

Re: Brútuz - Resto Shaman

Postby Skjold » 18 Jun 2017, 18:40

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Thank you for the application! We'll get back to you asap.

Re: Brútuz - Resto Shaman

Postby Skjold » 18 Jun 2017, 20:39

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As discussed ingame application has been approved.

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