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Character name: Bormah
Character class: Demon Hunter
Character level: 110
Your age: 37

Armory link for your character: (find it here ) ... oof/bormah

Why are you applying to The Awakening?

I am applying as social since I have a friend in your guild currently who is raiding, and he tells me you are a nice bunch of players. I am one of those "old ones", grew up with this game, experienced almost everything, however RL caught me, and even though I am very competitive and enjoy raiding, I simply cannot commit myself to be top anymore or invest major time, I have to settle for more casual approach. I am just looking for friendly atmosphere, similar minded people with which I can do Mythics or even join for raid if help is needed when I am online.

What was your previous guild/s?

Been on Bloodhoof since 2005, Gatekeepers for years until we merged with Favorite Sin to raid in Legion

For what reason did you leave your previous guild?

Favorite Sin just dissolved because of RL obligations of members, I also took a break to basically when I came back there was no one there anymore.

What can you offer to The Awakening?

I can offer proffesional, adult and respectful behavior, and good DPS as a Demon Hunter. If I am online, I am happy to help anyone with a dungeon or anything. Willing to use any voice comms you guys use, have a mic as well.

Any other information you would like to add. (tell us a little about yourself your past raiding experience, what you like about wow, the way you like to play, and anything else you feel we should know).

Phew, past raiding experience :), long time ago Gatekeepers meant something on Bloodhoof, we did it all, top guild on the server for years, and I was a member of a core raiding group. I was playing a Paladin named "Domagoj" at the time. He is still alive and kicking, maybe his profile might give you a better idea of the past ... of/domagoj. When I came back from a break this year since I had to play solo I got bored of healing and went DH, enjoying the playstyle.

TLDR: An old veteran being bored of playing solo, went AFK for a couple of months this year because of burnout, wants to casually do mythics or some fun normal/heroic raids if needed with a nice group of people :). I apply as social as I cannot commit to the raiding schedule regulary, however very willing to join any fun raids or fill up the spot for someone if I am online.


Re: Social Application - DH

Postby Jess » 25 Aug 2017, 20:09

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Hey Dom!

Have been expecting your app since speaking to Anji the other day - would be great to have you on board as social :)

Please poke an officer when you're ready for an invite!

on behalf of the officer team
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